Fit for Girls

A joint initiative between sportscotland and Youth Sport Trust promoting physical activity to girls through bespoke training for education providers.

Funded by the Scottish Government, Fit for Girl's main aims are to bring about sustainable change in schools and build a positive future for girls participation in lifelong physical activity.

Since the program began in 2008 evidence shows that Fit for Girls has been involved in amazing work happening within schools across Scotland and has started to create a culture change of physical activity engagement for adolescent girls in schools. 

Findings from the final evaluation of Fit for Girls show that the programme has clearly had a positive impact on how secondary schools approach the promotion of physical activity among girls, and low active girls in particular. Some of the most positive aspects of the programme include improved consultation with girls, increased numbers of girls-only activities, and increased perceptions of health, fitness and physical activity levels among girls.

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To find out more about Fit for Girls, visit the sportscotland website.