Evaluation and Impact

We have over 20 years’ experience of delivering effective evaluation services to assess the effectiveness and impact of project interventions at all stages of the implementation cycle.

We tailor our approach to devise the most appropriate evaluation framework for your projects, based on a clear logic model. We have expertise in developing effective data tools and data collection systems for our monitoring and evaluation work, ensuring that they are appropriate to the specific project.

We use a range of methods, mixing traditional with more innovative — for example, in our qualitative work we will use consultations alongside other techniques such graffiti walls, picture research and ‘speed dating’. We use surveys, both print and online, and we maximise the use of digital approaches via forums, panels, vox pops, video diaries and social media as appropriate.

We pride ourselves on delivering effective impact evaluation, as well as social impact and return on investment evaluation, to help our clients really understand the outcomes and impacts of their projects.

We want our work to make a difference to young people so we work closely with you in how we present our findings to be engaging and accessible, drawing out practical recommendations.

Examples of our work:

Play Unified is a Special Olympics GB youth led advocacy campaign, delivered by the YST, to help end intolerance, especially towards young people with intellectual (learning) disabilities. It was designed by young people for young people, to tackle social isolation, rejection and bullying of students with an intellectual (learning) disability (ID) by using sport as a catalyst for social inclusion and behavioural change.

The 2-year evaluation used pre and post surveys, focus groups with young people, interviews with teachers and ethnographic research at events in schools. 200 schools took part, reaching 29,781 young people through Play Unified inclusive sports projects and whole school messaging. 87% of young people felt they held a more positive view of people with an intellectual disability as a result of the programme. 87% of young people, both with and without ID, felt more positive about their own abilities since being involved with the programme. The evaluation was independently verified by Free Thought Research and carefully designed to engage young people with disabilities.

Evaluation of Play Unified, Special Olympics GB

For three years, YST has evaluated this programme which works with disengaged young people in secondary schools, using tennis and tennis mentors, as a vehicle to improve lives. It nurtures pupils’ aspiration and puts them on a path to achieve those aspirations. Over 300 pupils have taken part.

Using pre and post project surveys we found:

  • 73% had a positive view of taking part in sport, PE and physical activity
  • Pupils' average daily physical activity increased from 91 to 100 minutes
  • 84% increased their teamwork skills
  • 80% increased their communication skills
  • 72% increased their problem solving skills
  • 76% experienced increased feelings that they can achieve anything they want.

Evaluation of Beyond the Baseline, Tennis Foundation 

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By commissioning us and working with us, you are supporting us to achieve our mission to improve children’s lives and their futures. We are always open to new partnerships and collaborations, and are actively seeking to develop a ‘Research Hub’ which helps the sector evidence its impact. If you would like to join us as a research partner or work with us on a particular project, do get in touch.

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We offer research, analysis, insight and evaluation services to organisations with an interest in the wider children and young people’s sector.
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We have a passion for turning research into meaningful insight. With our experienced and dedicated team of analysts and mixed method researchers, each member of our team has a unique skill set that together brings added value to the clients we support.
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