Conflict resolution

Using sports unique power to break down barriers and promote global peace.
Conflict resolution
BILD – Beckwith International Leadership Development programme

BILD is a programme that uses youth sport leadership training to empower young people to overcome the challenges of life. Using sport as a tool for social development, the programme aims to deliver messages around conflict resolution, tolerance and develop community cohesion. As a result of BILD in Ghana, 79% of the core workforce are now in full time employment.

UNOSDP – United Nations Office of Sport for Development and Peace

We are partnered with the UNOSDP to facilitate youth leadership camps and empower young people, aged 18 – 26, from across the globe. All of these young people are either involved in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) or grassroots sports development or are running NGO’s of their own. Through these camps, over 500 young leaders from 17 countries have been trained and as a result, 85% of participants improved their conflict resolution skills.