Conference Resources

YST 2020 Conference Resources
From here you can download the presentations which took place at the YST 2020 Conference.

Click on any of the links below to download:

  • EE1 - Panel: Getting the ethos right; building a sense of belonging
  • EE2 - Young Ambassadors: Be the change - local and international contexts
  • EE3 - School to Community Partnerships - empowering change in communities who experience disadvantage
  • EE4 - Using Enrichment to create a sense of belonging
  • EE5 - MAT Champions - Trust-wide approaches to personal development and wellbeing
  • EE6 - Community connectedness and cohesion
  • EE7 - What can we learn from the latest research on young people's relationship with gaming?
  • LC1 - Leading wellbeing and connecting across a local area - Addressing health inequalities
  • LC2 - Leading wellbeing and connecting communities across a local area - Twinning schools to improve community ethos
  • LC3 - Reducing loneliness, increasing connection: An intergenerational approach
  • LC4 - School as an extension to family
  • LC5 - Making spaces matter: designing places to play and participate
  • LC6 - Continuous wellbeing: Preparation for the next stage in education - primary to secondary
  • LC7 - Panel: Ethical Leadership - A challenge of our time
  • LC8 - Panel: Supporting those on the fringes of society
  • LC9 - Teach Active: Using Physical Activity to Improve Attitudes and Raise Attainment in Maths and English
  • TL1 - How can PE lessons impact on whole school ethos?
  • TL2 - PE: The ace up our sleeve for improved wellbeing
  • TL3 - What role do accredited PE courses have in improving social wellbeing
  • TL4 - The role outdoor education plays in developing personal outcomes and supporting learners' transition into their next stage of life
  • TL5 - Statutory guidance: What's the role of PE?
  • TL6 - Physical Literacy: A tool for social mobility?