Chris Cook

YST Chris Cook


Chris started his swimming career late in life having demonstrated few signs of success as a teenager. After discovering his calling, Chris represented Great Britain for almost 10 years, reaching Olympic, World and European finals. His defining moment came in 2006 at the Commonwealth Games, where Chris swam his way to achieving the title of Double Commonwealth Champion.

Born and raised in South Shields, Chris grew up enjoying school life, but always struggled to apply himself to academic work. School reports would often be sent home stating that Chris ‘could apply himself more’, ‘is easily distracted’ and ‘is average to poor’. Through sport, Chris found a way of channelling his energies into success. Since retiring from international swimming in 2009, Chris can see how his dedication and determination to succeed paid off. He can now look back on his career as one that rewarded him with international medals, national records, personal pride and a degree.

Sporting Achievements:

  • Olympian
  • Double Commonwealth Gold Medallist.