Chateez cards

YST Chateez cards
This pack of emoji cards aim to make chat easy for young people.

Chateez cards are a modern take on traditional flashcards, featuring the popular emoji design. They encourage communication, allowing for children and young people to express their feelings in a fun and creative way. There are endless ways in which they can be used, and this flexibility is why they deliver such effective results.

They will...

  • Allow young people to open up
  • Break down barriers
  • Create a comfortable setting
  • Defuse situations
  • Engage young people.

Did you know?

The Chateez cards are included within both the Plus and Premium Membership package. For more information about Membership please click here.

Already a member? Cards will be posted to each member school including schools within a cluster entitled to the benefit. A webinar will also be hosted on a webpage that schools will be directed to from the activation pack and members dashboard.