Chateez cards

YST Chateez cards
This pack of emoji cards aim to make chat easy for young people. They are a modern take on traditional flashcards, featuring the popular emoji design.

Chateez Cards encourage communication, allowing children and young people to express their feelings in a fun and creative way. There are endless ways in which they can be used both in PE and sport but also much more broadly across the curriculum, and this flexibility is why they deliver such effective results.

They will...

  • Allow young people to open up
  • Break down barriers
  • Create a comfortable setting
  • Defuse situations
  • Engage young people.

Top tips for getting started with Chateez Cards:

  • Use the resource at the start of the new academic year to build connection among and with your class through PE and sport
  • Use them at the start of a new PE unit to gauge pupil feeling
  • Use with targeted groups who may shy away from verbal communication

What’s included?

One hard copy of 25 Chateez cards depicting different emoji emotion designs (Happy, Confused, Smiley, Sad, Sick, Laughing, Cuddly, Scared, Angry, Relieved, Mad, Excited, Shocked, Cool, Upset, Embarrassed, Sleepy, Silenced, Hungry, Nervous, Hurt, Cheeky, Worried, Frustrated, and Bored).

Two blank speech-bubble cards and a dry-wipe pen so any additional feelings can easily be noted down and expressed.

How do I access?

Chateez cards will be posted to schools together with the other hard copy resources included at your level of membership on receipt of a paid membership invoice. Look out for a YST-branded package through the post.