Change4Life Sports Clubs

YST Change4Life Sports Clubs
Change4Life Sports Clubs aims to encourage less active children to take part in more physical activity and to engage in school.

Through funding from the Department of Health & Social Care, School Games Organisers – working with local partnerships – recruited and supported primary schools to establish Change4Life ‘Inspired’ Sports Clubs and embed them at the heart of school life.

They targeted inactive children to develop healthy active lifestyles and to ensure being active was at the heart of their happiness and wellbeing. Change4Life Sports Clubs used the inspiration and creativity of the national Change4Life campaign to deliver a unique, multi-skill environment where every child could succeed.

By creating fun, vibrant and peer-led clubs the programme enabled 69% of children, who were deemed inactive at the start of the programme, to develop an active habit after just 13 weeks of participation.

SPEAR 2017

The Youth Sport Trust has developed a network of over 10,500 school-based Change4Life Sports Clubs in England. Through this programme children develop fundamental movement skills and capture the essence of the sport without directly delivering sport-specific content, and are grouped under five multi-sport themes: adventure, creative, combat, flight and target. 

Change4Life Sports Club resources are still available through the School Games website and are being sustained through the School Games Organiser workforce.

For more information on the Change4Life campaign and great ideas to start and stay active, please visit Change4Life