Change4Life Sports Clubs

Change4Life Sports Clubs aims to encourage less active children to take part in more physical activity and to engage in school.

Through funding from the Department of Health, School Games Organisers – working with local partnerships – recruit and support primary schools to establish Change4Life ‘Inspired’ Sports Clubs and embed them at the heart of school life.

They seek to enable children to develop healthy hearts, happy hearts, social hearts and successful hearts. 

Nationally, 'less-active' tends to refer to children who do not undertake the recommended daily minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity.

The Department of Health

To date, the Youth Sport Trust has developed a network of over 9,500 school-based Change4Life Sports Clubs in England. Through this programme we aim to deliver the principles and specific skills from a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports and place them in a fun, welcoming, vibrant and exciting activity club giving young people the confidence and competence to take part in lifelong physical activity. All of which builds towards increasing the opportunities of young people to take part in the School Games.

Primary Change4Life Sports Clubs

Primary clubs develop fundamental movement skills and capture the essence of the sport without directly delivering sport-specific content, and are grouped under five multi-sport themes: adventure, creative, combat, flight and target. 

For more information, please visit Change4Life Primary School Clubs

Access Change4Life Sports Clubs Details
A range of guidance and resources are available to support your school in establishing and refreshing your own Change4Life Sports Club. In addition, we would recommend that schools contact their local School Games Organiser for advice and guidance for setting up a club in their school.