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By working in partnership, the Youth Sport Trust and commercial businesses can deliver even greater results.

There are many businesses that share the vision and values of the Youth Sport Trust; who believe that by providing excellent products and services they can create opportunities for high quality PE, school sport and physical activity for young people.

By working in partnership, the Youth Sport Trust and commercial businesses can deliver even greater results. The way that the Youth Sport Trust works with commercial businesses is via the Business Honours Club.

Our Business Honours Club has been running for almost a decade. Some of the businesses we work with have been members for many years, considering the Business Honours Club to be a vital component of their overall marketing and/or developmental activity.

Why join the Business Honours Club?
  • Being a part of the Business Honours Club can bring huge benefits to you. As an organisation that is well-known and trusted in the education and sports sector, an association with the Youth Sport Trust can help to open doors for your business
  • We have extensive networks in the education and sports sector, with long-established relationships with schools and NGBs, helping you to reach your target audience more effectively
  • Businesses that join are automatically recognised as 'preferred suppliers' and promoted to our vast networks as such, with preferred suppliers receiving automatic first refusal on all tender opportunities. As part of this you will be included in our Preferred Suppliers Guide
  • Our skilled commercial marketing team can provide bespoke marketing and advertising opportunities via multiple print and digital channels, including social media
  •  Our highly experienced and knowledgeable development team can assist and support with product or resource development
  • We offer a ready-made sales channel for your products via our successful and widely promoted online store, Youth Sport Direct.


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