BILD – Beckwith International Leadership Development Programme

BILD is our flagship programme and is a unique example of our leadership work. It is designed to increase the life chances and employability of young people in the developing world with a further focus on inclusion and equality.

So how do we do it? We offer training to a group of Lead Trainers to teach them the core leadership skills championed by BILD. These Lead Trainers then travel their nation offering further training to local teachers and chosen young sports leaders. The final stage of the programme is for the young sports leaders to deliver community sports festivals which will bring together hundreds of children from local communities to engage in meaningful and enjoyable sport.

  • The programme has already been a success in Ghana, Tanzania and St Lucia having impacted 375,000 young people
  • We have reached 7 out of the 10 main regions in Ghana, engaging over 155,000 children in sports festivals alone
  • In Tanzania, BILD is now fully embedded within the sporting structure and is a key part of the country’s sporting future
  • BILD has also spread across the entirety of St Lucia, with each district having a network of BILD young leaders who support their school and community events
  • Our current ambition is to reach a further 179,400 young people over the next four years by expanding and embedding BILD across sub-Saharan Africa.

You can help us reach this goal and take BILD even further. Support us in any way you can so that together we can continue to improve lives and bring the power of sport and leadership to thousands more young people around the world.