The Big Give

YST The Big Give
By investing in our teachers now, our children will reap the benefits for years to come.

This year has tested resilience, determination and optimism to the limit. The mental and physical wellbeing of all parts of society have suffered. Teachers and school support staff have been on the frontline throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They have been working tirelessly every day to limit the damage done to the wellbeing of our children, often taking on roles way beyond those that we have any right to ask of them.

They have enabled other frontline staff such as NHS workers to carry on, safe in the knowledge that their children were looked after in the school environment. But the strain has taken its toll and the wellbeing of teachers is suffering more than ever before. The time has come for us to show our support for them.

Will you pledge?

Youth Sport Trust is taking part in The Big Give campaign this year, a match funded campaign. All donations will be matched by the Monday Charitable Trust and Sky Sports, meaning that your donation will go twice as far and help us to reach more of our frontline teachers and school support staff.

Pledge your support

Our ambition is to raise at least an additional £12,500 on top of that already pledged, targeting 25 schools in areas in the country that have suffered most during lockdown. We will provide high quality, ongoing support to improve the health and wellbeing of over 500 teachers, which in turn will benefit over 15,000 young people.

Please give whatever you can.

  • £25 (matched to be £50) – will support one teacher to improve their health and wellbeing in 2021.
  • £100 (matched to be £200) – will support four teachers to improve their health and wellbeing in 2021.
  • £1,000 (matched to be £2,000) – will provide two schools with support for all their staff.

Every extra £1,000 we receive will mean that we can support another school beyond our initial 25. You can also support us on social media by downloading any of the helpful toolkits from the right-hand side of this page and tagging us @YouthSportTrust.