An amazing day for our pupils, school and community

by Bob Foley, PE teacher, Newbattle High School

On 16 June, we were lucky enough to host the Commonwealth Games Baton at Newbattle High School. We closed at 3.30 as normal but it definitely didn’t feel like a normal day. We had lots of people from the community at the school who wanted to be part of the day. We ran a number of sports clubs and races, had a bouncy castle, brass band, ice cream van and burger bar serving classic Commonwealth burgers. On top of this we had bright, warm sunshine.

We had four pupils and one member of staff (me) involved in the Queen’s Baton Relay and we were all really nervous and excited to be part of the special event. I remember one pupil mentioning that she thought it would be easy, but with so many people and so much noise, it was really daunting.

Just after 4pm, our school nominee, Abby, came round the corner into the playground with the Baton. The entire crowd starting cheering and the bagpipes were ringing out. It was then Darren and Charlie’s turn and the roars continued. It was electric.

The Baton stayed for a while and we managed to get some photos with all the sports teams and year groups until it was time to move on. Our final Bearer, Sarah, then took the Baton towards its final celebration at Dalkeith Country Park.

It was a truly amazing day for our school, pupils and our whole community who got so involved in the forthcoming 2014 Glasgow Games.

Some words we heard on the day:


"Real community spirit"

"Commonwealth family"

"That baton has touched so many lives since October"

"Let’s keep the legacy of spirit going"

A great day for @NewbattleHighPE