Amanda Coulson

YST Amanda Coulson

Sport: Boxing

Twitter: @amandacoulsongb

How did you get into sport? 

I took up boxing after reading an article in a newspaper and soon noticed the controversy surrounding female boxers.

What was the biggest challenge you overcame?

I came up against numerous obstacles as many local boxing clubs refused to let me train, citing as excuses no female changing facilities or no female coaches. These barriers only added to my determination and, eventually, I joined Hartlepool Catholic Boys Boxing Club, which soon dropped 'Boys' from their name. I made fast progress in what had previously been almost exclusively a man's world - winning 13 bouts in quick succession.

What are your three biggest achievements in sport?

  •  4x National ABA Champion
  •  3x Silver Medals at European Union Championships
  •  2011 GB Champion.

Who most inspired you and why?

My late father Tommy - he was an amazing, thoughtful, man who always worked hard to be the best version of himself, for him and all the family. His fantastic work ethic and values have played a big part in my success as a boxer. 

When and why did you get involved with the Athlete Mentor programme?

I started in 2012 following an advert for Athlete Mentors to join the growing programme. I knew other Athlete Mentors who were involved and loved the role so much that it inspired me to want to get involved.

What has been your favourite moment as a YST Athlete Mentor?

There are far too many fantastic examples of the amazing work all of our Athlete Mentor team deliver in schools. I have regularly witnessed confidence, self-belief and resilience being developed by the students I have worked with on a variety of different programmes - each time inspiring me as well as the students.