Active in Mind

YST Active in Mind
This programme offers support to young people experiencing mental wellbeing issues, using psycho-social tools and stress-busting strategies for young people - as well as creating innovative peer mentoring and physical activity opportunities.

Active in Mind is funded through Sport England National Lottery funding. It established 25 projects that targeted those young people who are already experiencing low level mental health issues and are already part of a wellbeing support programme within the school (pastoral support/counselling) or beyond the school (Tier 1 or 2 Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services).

The projects create a ‘nurture group’ environment for those young people most in need of support, using sport and physical activity as the vehicle for change. They increase physical activity and provide an alternative approach to simply addressing the mental health of the participant and look to also address their lifestyle, mindset and support network. The primary outcomes are to address inactivity and develop positive behaviours but also to provide a safe environment with their peers for young people to share personal insight, experiences and support of mental health issues.

The projects are supported by a named and trained Wellbeing Champion (lead adult member of staff) and delivered through a small team of Young Mental Health Champions (young people aged 15-18) who receive advanced training in developing strategies to improve mental wellbeing and reduce stress and anxiety in their peers.

Free Digital Resources

Due to the growing concern we have for young people experiencing increased stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 lockdown; we have made the Active in Mind poster available as a free download and worked with our Athlete Mentors to produce a suite of top-tips videos for managing mental health. We hope these resources not only help young people now, but also prepare them for when they eventually return to school.

Our Senior Athlete Mentor, Rachael Mackenzie has also produced three videos to guide you. All of this content can be viewed on the right-hand side of this page.

For further information on the national programme, please contact:

Chris Wright
Head of Health & Wellbeing
07702 370139