Action Mats

YST Action Mats
Fitness through play! Action Mats are designed to promote PE as a fun activity to primary aged children.

Action Mats have been developed to deliver a combination of exercise and play. The stick man character shows children of any age and any language ability, how to perform exercises on a bright and attractive activity zone. Action Mats offer far more than a simple circuit training aid. They provided the tools for fitness and for fun through games and team building challenges that include exercise within them.

They are made up of a range of exercise mats with bright,  fun graphics, each inviting primary school aged children to step on and perform the different exercises shown. 'Action Matt'  the stick man character, shows children of any age and any language, exactly what to do. The exercises and challenges have been devised so they address both capability as well as attention span. 

Action Mats are the perfect tool for fitness and for fun. Ten Activity Plans come with each set showing ways to use Action Mats in team games and collaborative challenges thereby wrapping exercise up within play.  Action Mats create more than a simple cardio fitness circuit. Sets of mats are contained in large zip up bags, with two handles so that the children can contribute to tidying up and looking after them.

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