School Rugby Ambassadors

The School Rugby Ambassador programme will develop young leaders in secondary schools across the country to become School Rugby Ambassadors for Rugby World Cup 2015.

These ambassadors will use their new leadership and communication skills to inform and excite pupils about rugby and Rugby World Cup 2015 through events, assemblies, competitions, and whole school engagement within their own school and surrounding primary schools. Through national newsletters and competitions, the programme will recognise and reward School Rugby Ambassadors - bringing them closer to the action.

The role of a School Rugby Ambassador

  • To be an ambassador and voice for Rugby World Cup 2015 in their secondary school
  • To increase rugby participation using the inspiration of the tournament 
  • To run Rugby World Cup inspired events and activities to engage other young people 

Why become a School Rugby Ambassador?

Being a School Rugby Ambassador will provide the opportunity to develop personal, social and employability skills, such as communication, decision making, citizenship, leadership, team work, creativity, organisation and planning. Furthermore it will enable young people to be ambassadors and role models for their school and the tournament.

How can your school get involved?


The programme suggests for schools to recruit 4 School Rugby Ambassadors, two female and two male to work both within their own secondary school and with surrounding primary schools. These young people will be able to download supporting resources and receive newsletters with ideas and opportunities to inspire and engage them.