Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors are the most outstanding sports leaders in schools. They are selected due to their sporting talent, and more importantly, due to their exceptional commitment and ability as young leaders or volunteers.

The Young Ambassador programme seeks to develop young leaders and volunteers further by providing them with the responsibility of being an ambassador for PE and school sport. In many schools the role is held in the same esteem as a Head Boy or Head Girl, and the individual will form a vital link between the students, teachers, School Games Organisers (England), 5x60 Officers (Wales) and Active Schools Coordinator (Scotland).YA with ribbon York racecorse

A Young Ambassador's role is to:

  • increase participation and healthy lifestyles in their school
  • promote the positive values of sport in and through sport
  • be a role model in advocating PE and school sport
  • be the young people's voice on PE and school sport in their schools and communities

Structure of the programme and training

Platinum Young Ambassadors
Platinum Young Ambassadors will have spent at least a year as a Gold Young Ambassador and now act as a mentor, supporting the training of Gold and adiStar Young Ambassadors across the local area.

Gold Young Ambassadors
Gold Young Ambassadors work across a local area coordinating activity. These Young Ambassadors support the training of Silver and Bronze Young Ambassadors.

Silver Young Ambassadors
Silver Young Ambassadors work in their own school and are trained locally by Platinum and Gold Young Ambassadors using resources supplied by the Youth Sport Trust.

Bronze Young Ambassadors
Bronze Young Ambassadors are primary-aged children operating in their own school and trained by Platinum and Gold Young Ambassadors.

To become involved in this programme please contact your local School Games Organiser (England), 5x60 Officers (Wales) and Active Schools Coordinator (Scotland).